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Title :The Voice Senior - My Highlights
Video ID :Xsa7tYHy46c
Duration :00:29:29
Viewed :654,418x
Published :30 March 2019
Source :Youtube
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The Voice Senior - My Highlights
Senior Voice programs just prove that age is nothing but a number!!!

0:00 Dan Lucas - "You're the Voice" (The Voice of Germany)
1:57 Eddy Grovell - "Let The Music Play" (The Voice of Holland)
4:05 Rita - "At Last" (The Voice van Vlaanderen)
6:08 Marianne Noble - "Let’s Stay Together" (The Voice of Holland)
8:03 Natalia Butusova - "Не обижай меня" (The Voice Russia)
10:51 Eduardo Villegas - "Fragile" (The Voice of Germany)
12:47 René Bishop - "Unchained Melody" (The Voice of Holland)
14:50 Matteo Comis - "It's Not Unusual" (The Voice of Germany)
17:03 Mariette - "Liefde van Later" (The Voice van Vlaanderen)
19:01 Michael Dixon - "A House is not a Home" (The Voice of Germany)
20:55 Nikolay Arutyunov - "Mercedes Benz" (The Voice Russia)
23:08 Georges Lotze - "September Morning" (The Voice of Holland)
24:38 Geff Harrison - "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" (The Voice of Germany)
26:45 François - "New York, New York" (The Voice van Vlaanderen)